AST Adventures

International Surf & Adventure Travel

Logo Design
Branding Design
Print & Publishing Design
Website Design
Clothing Design

AST Adventures provides seamless surf and adventure travel worldwide for all levels and ages. AST accommodates guest looking to score their first wave or ride world-class waves with friends or family. AST’s locations are designed for custom trips for your needs for optimal surfing experiences, local adventures with all ocean front resorts, surf camps, and surf hotels.

Branding Logo

By studding the original logo. I kept the original slash line and made it more meaningful to the brand by evolving that look in to a wave with a cleaner type face and new symbol for branding.


A. Staff Clothing
B. Print & Publishing
C. Mobile / App Design
D. Business Cards
E. Stickers
F. Promotional Items
G. Brochures Design & Print
H. Gift Clothing Products
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Website Work

AST  provides arrival to some of the most secluded locations in the world. With this mind set, we worked together to create a strong visual site that feels like you vacationing while browsing and having the click of a button to book your trip!